Sailing Vessel
Beula Lee

Strengthen those sailing skills
that you need the most!

Naples Sail Boat Beula Lee.

Here's a sample of skills we can easily help you master:

Nautical terminology
Rigging and sails
Getting underway
Proper winch techniques
Finding wind direction
Points of sailing
Tacking and jibing
Maneuvering in close quarters
Heeling and stability
Wind shifts
Wing and wing
Stopping and starting under sail
Spinnaker techniques
Crew overboard pick-up
Sail trim and sail shape
Boat balance
Hull speed
Mooring and anchoring
Most used knots
Right-of-way rules
Heavy weather techniques
Steering with a compass
Steering /navagation using GPS/charts
Steering using auto helm
Study of sail control performance using auto helm
Sailing in current
Radar in action
Weather and lee helm
Reefing the main
Use of roller furling jib
VHF radio operation
Over power vs. under power sailing
Pinching in puffs
Photography on the water
Use of weather channel radar for local weather conditions
Defensive sailing to protect the crew and boat
Auxiliary motor operation

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